Blum Space Tower - The ultimate solution for larder units

If you want a tall larder unit that offers as much storage space as possible, where the inner pull outs give you easy access to items on all three sides, then a Blum Space Tower is your perfect solution. This is the convenient and most practical way to store food.


Blum Space Tower Easy Access

Easy, all-round access

BLUM SPACE TOWER has full extension runners so all internal drawers slide completely out of the unit giving you clear visibility and easy access to provisions from all three sides (left, right and even the front).





Blum Space Tower Flexible Design

Flexible design options and colour choices

Whilst we suggest the standard configuration of 4 deep drawers and 1 shallow drawer you are not limited to this configuration. Many heights, widths and depths and can be tailored to your individual storage space needs. We offer the space tower in many colours - White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black & Stainless Steel with varying glass options that can be clear & smoked, or even with timber effect inserts!




Blum Space Tower Storage

Flexible storage

This clever system makes optimal use of the storage space available. Provisions can be kept together and clearly organised.





Blum Space Tower

Removal from above

Each drawer gives you clear visibility from above as well as from the sides and/or front if you opt for glass - Provisions can be found quickly and removed easily.





Blum Space Tower Bottles

High load bearing capacity

Each drawer has an impressive load bearing capacity (up to a total weight of 40-70 kg depending on drawer size) so the larder unit can even safely hold very heavy items.




Our larder units, complete with a Blum Space Tower can be found here: