Kitchen Sink Unit Storage and Waste Bins









Waste and recycling bins are usually kept under the sink. To make working in your kitchen more practical, it makes sense to keep your cleaning utensils there too. As you can see from the image, we use Blum drawer systems so this cabinet uses every inch of space and gives you hygienic convenience. 



Blum Under Sink Cabinet Solution
Nice and clean

All of our Blum drawers are full extension and so give you clear visibility and easy access to contents from above. This makes it extremely easy to throw away rubbish, empty and clean bins. There’s even space for tall bottles of cleaning liquids.


Blum Under Sink Cabinet Solution
Extra space for cleaning utensils

You can fit in an extra Blum inner drawer if the installation situation allows as in the image. Ideal for keeping cleaning sponges, dishwasher tablets and waste bin liners etc. So everything is exactly where it's needed and your worktop is kept nice and clean. 


Blum Under Sink Cabinet Solution Servo Drive
Both hands full?

Your hands are often full, wet or dirty when you want to gain access to the sink unit. Our Blum drawers can be equipped with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system if you wish to solve this problem. A single touch with your knee or toe will open the door effortlessly.